Doylestown Sports Performance

Increasing athletic performance while decreasing injury risk

Why train with us?

Our mission at Doylestown Sports Performance is to increase athletic performance while decreasing the risk of injury in every athlete that walks into our facility.  Through discussions with the athlete (and/or parent/guardian/coach), a program is developed to achieve his/her goals while training to fulfill the demands of his/her sport(s) and position.  The goals are not only to improve performance and reduce injury risk,  but also to teach the athlete proper form and educate (explaining the reason behind each chosen exercise, drill, and training session).  Each athlete’s program is designed to improve:

  • Multi-directional Speed
  • Agility/Change of Direction
  • Power (upper body, lower body, and rotational)
  • Total-body (including core) Strength
  • Foot Speed
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Reaction Time
  • Injury Reduction
  • Confidence

In-Person Training Sessions

Prep Phase


Includes MFR, Activation, Dynamic Warm-up


10 Minutes

Movement Phase

Includes Multi-directional Speed, Plyometrics and Power Development, Change of Direction/Agility, Foot Speed, Injury Reduction

20 Minutes

Strength Training

Includes Total Body and Core Strength and Power Training as well as Injury Reduction

25 Minutes

Cool Down


Includes Comprehensive Static Stretching


5 Minutes

Pricing for In-person training

Private (one-on-one)


Semi-Private (2-4 athletes)

$40/athlete for each session

Small Group (5-6 athletes)

$30/athlete for each session

Large Group (7 or more athletes)

Contact for pricing

Online Traning

Remote Training Tier 1

$ 250 per month
  • Initial consultation which includes a needs analysis, movement analysis (based on returned forms), program design, and explanation of program.
  • 7 – day Schedule that maps out what session the athlete should complete each day and contains an accountability section.
  • Monthly custom Strength-Training sessions tailored to the individual and the equipment you have available.
  • Monthly Speed, Agility, and Power sessions tailored to the demands of sport/position, equipment available, and experience level.
  • Monthly Conditioning sessions tailored to the demands of sport and position.
  • Prep-phase and post stretch documents to prepare the athlete for training and begin recovery.
  • Each exercise in every program includes a hyperlink to a demonstration video.
  • Bi-weekly (after initial week) check-ins via text
  • Availability to answer questions through text or email Monday-Friday from 9 am – 5 pm.

Remote Training Tier 2

$ 350 per month
  • Initial consultation which includes a needs analysis, movement analysis (based on returned forms), program design, and explanation of program.
  • 7 – day Schedule that maps out what session the athlete should complete each day and contains an accountability section.
  • Monthly custom Strength-Training sessions tailored to the individual and the equipment you have available.
  • Monthly Speed, Agility, and Power sessions tailored to the demands of sport/position, equipment available, and experience level.
  • Monthly Conditioning sessions tailored to the demands of sport and position.
  • Prep-phase and post stretch documents to prepare the athlete for training and begin recovery.
  • Each exercise in every program includes a hyperlink to a demonstration video.
  • Semi-weekly check-ins via text, phone, FaceTime, or video conference (athlete’s preference)
  • Unlimited availability to answer questions through phone, text, or email.
  • Monthly consultation with athlete to adjust needs analysis.

Live Remote Sessions

$ 75 per session
  • Each session is typically 45 mins in duration
  • Live sessions taking place via video conference platform
  • Sessions based on athlete's goals and needs as well as equipment available
  • Typical session features Speed, Power, and Agility Training followed by Strength Training
  • Closest option to in-person training

Coach Dave

Owner/Lead Performance Coach

Coach Dave has been training athletes for over eighteen years.  He is a graduate of West Chester University, majoring in Kinesiology with a minor in Nutrition.  While at WCU, Dave completed an internship working as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at LaSalle University.  There he worked with all of their Division I Varsity, men’s and women’s sports teams.  Upon graduating, he continued to volunteer time at LaSalle and worked at other private Sports Performance companies before becoming a Health and Physical Education teacher.  While teaching, Dave has continued to train athletes both individually and with their teams.

Dave is a former (11.5 years) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and currently holds all five certifications through the National Sports Performance Association (Sports Performance Coach, Program Design Specialist, Nutrition Coach, Weightlifting Coach, Speed and Agility Coach).  He also obtained the Online Coaching Specialist Certification through the Fitness Business Institute.

Dave is also the Director of Testing and Training of All Sports Testing, LLC.

Coach Jimmy

Lead Performance Coach

Coach Jimmy is a Certified Speed and Agility Coach (CSAC) through the National Sports Performance Association. Jimmy graduated from West Chester University with a degree in Kinesiology and currently teaches high school Health and Physical Education. He is a former two-sport high school athlete (soccer, volleyball) who coached high school varsity soccer (boys and girls) for eight years.  He currently plays soccer in an adult league through PA Rush.

Coach Jimmy

Coach Matt

Lead Performance Coach

Coach Matt is a Certified Speed and Agility Coach (CSAC) through the National Sports Performance Association.  Matt graduated from West Chester University with a degree in Kinesiology. He is a former Health and Physical Education and Math teacher in Bensalem School District. Matt is also a former two-sport high school athlete, playing soccer and volleyball. While in college, Matt played on West Chester University's club volleyball team. During his time teaching, Matt coached middle school boys and girls soccer, as well as high school boys soccer and volleyball.

Coach Marco

Performance Coach

Coach Marco is a Health and Exercise Physiology major at Ursinus College and recently completed an internship with Doylestown Sports Performance.  He is also a Certified Sports Performance Coach (CSPC) through the National Sports Performance Association.  Marco is on the Ursinus College Men's Soccer Team and expects to earn his Bachelor’s degree in May, 2023.  After graduating from Ursinus, Marco is scheduled to participate in a unique opportunity to continue his education at Villanova University.  There, he plans to earn a second degree in Nursing.  Marco’s interests include sports, health and exercise, and helping others.  In addition to soccer, he has also played competitive baseball, basketball, and ice hockey throughout his youth.


See What Our Customers Are Saying

Annie H
Annie H
My 3 children have been training with Dave and his team for 2 years. My daughter plays collegiate soccer and going to Dave helps her stay on track while home. My other daughter and son play on highly competitive soccer teams and working with Dave helps them perform at a high level. My son ran track last spring and I had so many people ask me how he got so fast and about his form. Dave and team have done so much for my kids.
Michelle Levush
Michelle L.
I have been training at DSP for about 4 years. I have not only seen my speed and strength increase, but I feel faster and stronger. I have seen improvements on and off the field, I feel more prepared to play and have a great time building strength and speed off the field. Dave and the rest of the staff personalize the workouts to help you improve as an athlete. I would highly recommend DSP to any athlete.
Jackson Cunnane
Jackson C.
I have been training at Doylestown Sports Performance for about 3 years now. It has been an incredible experience for me. At Doylestown Sports Performance the coaches truly care about each and every athlete. I have seen huge improvements in my athletic abilities that I would have never thought to be possible. I highly recommend Doylestown Sports Performance to anyone who is looking to take their training to the next level
TJ Grenda
I love coming to Doylestown Sports Performance! I have fun while getting stronger and faster was here session.
Cece DeMoss
Cece D.
Dave and the Team provide great individualized training, focusing on the needs of their members. Sessions are geared towards continued development and improvement, and results and progress are tracked. My son has been attending for 2+ years and enjoys attending. Highly recommended.
Glenn Borgmann
Glenn B.
Bill Jenkinson
Bill J.
Dave , Jimmy, Marco are all awesome ! They have raised my daughter’s hand to a new level. They are so supportive! Jaclyn is getting stronger and faster. I highly recommend this team !
Dave has trained my teenage son, a high school pitcher, for about a year. He has improved my son’s strength and mobility. He focuses each workout on my son’s specific needs and goals for that particular day. Dave is a good role model, since he practices what he preaches. He’s easy to talk to during and after sessions. The last year of training is evident in my son’s performance this season. Thanks, Dave!
Dave develops the whole athlete and relates well with my son. He is personable and we are lucky to have him as part of our sons athletic journey.
Jeannie Blokker
Jeannie B.
We have been thrilled with Doylestown Sports Performance. Our 13 year old son has been working with Dave on a regular basis over the past 5 months and we have seen growth in his strength, speed, agility and most of all his confidence. He looks forward to his weekly trainings with Dave. Dave takes a great interest in all his athletes and is very responsive to any questions. I highly recommend DSP.
Jennifer Russell
Jennifer R.
I have 2 daughters in high school that have been training with Dave for the past year. Even though they play different sports Dave is able to differentiate their sessions and tailor their workouts. They both look forward to working out with him and he has been able to create a comfortable and safe environment that allows them to express concerns, questions or just have a general conversation. My girls have seen improvements with strength and speed in both of their sports (soccer & track). I would highly recommend training with Dave and his staff to anyone interested. Give it a try!
Nicole Hunsberger
Nicole H.
Dave is a fantastic motivator and mentor to our student athlete - our son never wants to miss a session due to Dave’s enthusiasm. Training session routines change frequently to hold student attention, but revolve around similar patterns of overall athletic development. The results have been super - not just improved athleticism, but improved confidence in abilities.
Ashley Christie
Ashley C.
My daughter has been training with Dave now for 4 months and the progress she has made in both speed, strength and confidence has been remarkable. It definitely shows on the soccer field. She loves training at Doylestown Sports Performance with Dave. He is very knowledgeable and tailors her workouts each session. I can’t say enough and she will be training there for a long time.
Ron Gerhart
Ron G.
I have been training at Doylestown Sports Performance for about 4 years now. Not only have I seen measurable improvements in my performance as an athlete but also improvements with my communication and people skills. Dave at DSP has helped me in all aspects of my life ever since I started working with him. He is very good at tailoring specific workouts that focus on the individual athlete’s needs. I would highly recommend the services of Doylestown Sports Performance to other young athletes.
Ryan McKenna
Ryan M.
I highly recommend Doylestown Sports Performance. My 17 year old daughter is a soccer player and has been a client for over a year. She has seen excellent results. Dave's training is individualized and varies each session. My daughter loves training with Dave. She looks forward to her workouts each week. The training is top notch and innovative. Dave and his team are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and great role models. You will not be disappointed!
Jocelyn McKean
Jocelyn M.
My son Jeff has been working with Dave and the results have been unbelievable. His speed and strength have both increased dramatically under Dave. He can’t wait till things open back up so he can get back training in person with Dave
jeff stritzl
jeff S.
My wife and I are thrilled to unequivocally endorse Dave and his training facility. Dave ensures each athlete receives an individualized and appropriate training program to maximize their potential. Our son, who currently plays college baseball, has trained with Dave and absolutely loves the program and results delivered. He looks forward to the breaks from school in order to get back to training with Dave.
Adam S
Adam S
My middle school aged son has been working with Dave for about 16 months. Dave takes great care to provide a thoughtful training plan, individualized to his students' specific needs and uses every second of their time together to execute the plan. He is excellent at explaining the goal of each specific exercise to both the student and parent.Dave has the ability to push for high quality results, while always maintaining a positive and encouraging attitude. He is the kind of person with whom you'd want you son or daughter to to spend time.I could not recommend him more highly!
Ray Sweeney
Ray S.
My three children, ages ranging from 19-14 years of age, have been training with Dave for the past 2 years. One plays collegiate soccer and the other two have aspirations to play their sports in colleges as well. Since training with Dave all three of my kids have shown tremendous growth in strength, speed, and agility. Dave personalizes training to each of their needs, records their progress, and provides positive feedback. All three love training with Dave and look forward to each session. I am so thankful a friend recommended Doylestown Sports Performance. My three children and I strongly recommend DSP as well!!
Christa Grenda
Christa G.
Dave and his team have been a game changer for our son. Our high school son has been training with Dave for the past two years. Dave’s professional, personalized, and targeted workouts have helped our son build the strength, agility, and especially the confidence to perform in extremely competitive and stressful game situations with success. Dave is flexible and very responsive. We would highly recommend Dave and his team for your young athlete.
Leesa Meade
Leesa M.
Since I’ve started with Dave back in early 2019 I have found myself becoming a more polished athlete. The dedication he puts into each athlete is undeniable, with personal plans for each customer depending on his or her body type and sport. A great overall guy with an even better system to put you in the best position to excel at whatever sport you are playing. If you show you are willing to work, Dave will put in double the work towards getting you to your desired form.
Ari Silverstein
Ari S.
My son Shane has been working with Dave for the past 2 years and has been amazing. Shane’s strength and speed have improved tremendously. So much so that other parents have asked where he trains and sent their own sons and daughters to Dave. He understands the mechanics of running and maintains a focus on proper form through the strength activities. My son truly enjoys working with Dave and that’s half the battle with any teenager to keep them focused. Dave takes a personal interest in his athletes and has even been out to see a Shane compete. Thanks for all you do Dave! I highly recommend him.
Shane Velez
Shane V.
Doylestown Sports Performance, LLC is wonderful!!! We have a soccer player and an ice skater, and they both work with Dave and his trainers. Even though my children's athletic needs are different, Dave's team is extremely knowledgeable and meets the needs of each of our children perfectly. Their workouts are very individualized to promote all aspects of their physical strength while reducing the risk of injuries. They love their sports but did not like working out until they started working at DSP! Dave's team is very caring, encouraging and has really helped our children take their athletic ability to the next level. We feel so fortunate to have found Dave!!!
Lisa Coldren
Lisa C.
My son Jackson has been working out under the guidance of Dave at Doylestown Sports Performance for the past year. He looks forward to his weekly workout and continues to build strength and agility through individualized workouts with equipment and instruction we can’t provide him at home. He has learned proper lifting techniques to avoid injury which was very important to us. As his strength, speed,and agility increases so has his motivation and confidence. I highly recommend Doylestown Sports Performance!
Jennifer Cunnane
Jennifer C.
I have been working with Dave for almost a year now. It has been one of the most beneficial places that I have trained at. At Doylestown Sports Performance the coaches truly want you to succeed. Having the personalized workout routine and guidence during lifts make your goals that much more attainable. I Would recommend for all ages.
Marco Grenda
Marco G.
Working with Dave at DSP is something I looked forward to every week for the last couple of years! Training with him helped me to improve in my sport, as well as in feeling more motivated and stronger in everyday life. After dealing with an injury, Dave helped me regain my strength and continue to train effectively, while modifying exercises so that they would not negatively effect the healing process. Dave is a great person overall and to train with; he takes pride in what he does!
I have two boys with Coach Rodgers. They really enjoy the workouts.
So happy a friend recommended Doylestown Sports Performance. We now have three children working with Dave on a regular basis and have seen great improvement in each child addressing individual needs and talents. Highly recommend! Dave is a motivating, positive and professional trainer.
Dave is an excellent athletic trainer! He really takes time to focus on the whole athlete! My teenage son has been training there for the last 5 months. Dave tailors workouts to work on areas specific to the athlete's needs and sports. For basketball, Dave worked with his speed, jumping, lateral movement and footwork while incorporating strength/weight training. After about a month, my son could feel a difference is his quickness and especially in his jumping!! Now that he's on to baseball, Dave will add shoulder strengthening to help with pitching while continuing to build strength to help eliminate injury. Dave also stresses flexibility and incorporates a variety or stretches into the workout. On top of all that, he will even give you nutrition advice! Dave is easy to work with when trying to squeeze workouts into a busy athlete's schedule. Don't hesitate to get your athlete over to Dave at Doylestown Sports Performance!!
Dave has been training my son for the past couple of months and the improvement in my son is very noticeable. Dave set up a training program that utilizes strength, speed, and jump training which all help in the sports my son plays. Even more important is that my son never wants to miss his training with Dave because Dave makes the training exciting and fun and is very encouraging. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone who wants have their child begin performance training.
I have known Dave for a long time and used to work out with him he knows a lot about fitness And is a great motivator
Dave is professional, knowledgeable and kind. His training methods are strategically tailored to meet the needs of each individual or team. Dave is eager to see his athletes develop their strength and conditioning for improved sports performance. I would highly recommend Dave and Doylestown Sports Performance for all of your training needs.
Dave is a great trainer, super knowledgeable, high energy, and a great communicator. I would highly recommend Doylestown Sports Performance for your child or team.
Proud to see Dave is spreading his knowledge and expertise out in Doylestown! His friendly personality, seasoned teaching skills and years of strength of conditioning experience make him one of the best coaches around. When I need help running camps and working with larger groups of athletes in the Langhorne area, he is one of the first coaches I contact. Friends and Coaches for life! Keep up the great work Dave!
Dave is top notch! Not only did he take my fitness to the next level but he was very knowledgable to have me understand why I was doing certain exercises. Thank you Dave for all your help!
I used to train with Coach Rodgers during my teenage years as I prepared for each season of ice hockey. His training methods directly translated to improvements in speed, strength, agility, and even more importantly the mental toughness that helped me reach highly competitive levels of hockey. My progression from AAA to Prep School and the college level was a direct result of Coach Rodger's guidance and training methods in the weight room each summer. If you're serious about improving in your sport and your ready to put real time in, look no further than Coach Rodgers. His knowledge and passion for Strength and Conditioning can certainly help you reach that next level you're reaching for.
My son has been working with Dave and he loves it.
My son has been training with Dave for over a year. Dave tracks my son's progress so he can see the positive results of his effort. The sessions are not repetitive since Dave changes them up to keep them both challenging and fun. I am very happy with the results my son is seeing while training with Doylestown Sports Performance!
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  • Private (One-on-Ones), Semi-private (2-4 athletes), Small Group (5-6 athletes), & Open Strength-training: Click the appropriate green button.  This will redirect you to our "Upper Hand" scheduling app.  Add the athlete into the open time desired.
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Pre-training Forms


  • Click on each of the icons below.
  • Download, print, and fill out each document.
  • Bring them to the first scheduled session and hand them to a coach.

Where do our athletes play?

High School Sports

  • Central Bucks East (baseball, boys’ and girls’ soccer, field hockey, football, tennis)
  • Central Bucks West (baseball, softball, boys’ and girls’ soccer, field hockey, football, boys lacrosse, tennis, boys' and girls' basketball)
  • Central Bucks South (volleyball, ice hockey, girls’ soccer, boys lacrosse, golf)
  • Pennridge (boys’ and girls’ soccer, boys and girls ice hockey, girls' lacrosse, track)
  • William Tennent (boys' soccer)
  • LaSalle (boys’ soccer, football, track)
  • Germantown Academy (boys’ and girls’ soccer)
  • Christopher Dock (basketball)
  • North Penn (boys’ and girls’ soccer, softball)
  • Souderton (boys’ soccer)
  • Lansdale Catholic (boys’ basketball, track)
  • Archbishop Wood (baseball)

College Sports

  • University of Pennsylvania (men’s and women’s soccer)
  • Old Dominion University (baseball)
  • William and Mary (football)
  • Youngstown State University (women's soccer)
  • Michigan State University (cheer)
  • King’s College (women’s soccer)
  • Ursinus College (men’s soccer)
  • Susquehanna University (women’s soccer, cross country)
  • Longwood University (women’s soccer)
  • Juniata College (baseball)

Club Sports

  • Soccer: PA Rush, FC Delco, FC Bucks, Ukies, V.E., Towamencin, Harleysville FC, FPA, PDA, MonU, Buckingham United, Penn Athletics, Matchfit Academy, FC Europa, Deep Run, Pennridge Yellowjackets, YMS
  • Baseball: All In Baseball, Bucks County Generals, Hurricanes, Total Skills Baseball, Diamond Jacks
  • Softball: Sanatoga Scream
  • Lacrosse: Ultimate Lax, Ultimate Regional/Elite, Team 11, Big 4HHH, Total Skills Lacrosse, CBAA, Deep Run
  • Ice Hockey: Genesis, Valley Forge Minutemen, Pennridge, Ice Dogs, Ice Hawks
  • Volleyball: Infiniti, TNT
  • Wrestling: CB West Raiders
  • Basketball: Heat Hoops AAU, Running Aces AAU, Lenape Valley, Total Skills, CBAA, Doylestown Mustangs
  • Figure Skating: Philadelphia Symmetry
  • Cricket: Indoor Cricket USA
  • Tennis: Doylestown Tennis Club
  • Cheer: Victory Vipers
  • Diving: Germantown Academy Aquatic Club